Our History

It doesn't seem that long ago when our 27 year old daughter came home one day at the age of 5 and said "I want to play soccer." When we looked around, and the only resources were Desert Willow Park, a Circle K, one school for each grade and no soccer fields to speak of, it didn't look real promising.  But what we did find, was that there were several folks who had the same passion for youth development and community support that actually made it possible, including a couple of folks who had got the ball rolling.

When I think back, there are a few exciting moments I find really cool. First on the list is when we started the U6 program, with what I recall were 4 teams. We were excited because we could put together a league with 4 teams representing about 20 kids. Second, had to be the kickoff of our developmental/competitive program and hiring a part-time trainer for our 5 teams in 1998. The Desert Elite Program began in 2000 with 10-12 teams. Our focus was to create memories, youth development of life-long skills and friendships for the kids and adults.

Today our Desert Foothills Soccer Club consists of about 1,200 youth soccer players, include 425 competitive players which play under the name of Desert Elite Soccer Club. We have 34 teams that participate in the Maricopa League and State League. This Labor Day weekend kicks off Desert Elite Cup. We are excited to provide a tournament which teams can kick of their new season. 

We would like to welcome every team, player, coach, parent and soccer fan to our 2017 Desert Elite Cup. The Tournament Committee has worked diligently to cover every detail to make sure the weekend is enjoyed by all.

Good luck,

Desert Elite Founder Dennis Donati and wife Cathy

Desert Foothills Soccer Club

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