AYSA affiliated teams must provide the following required credentials at the Mandatory Check-in:

*  All players, coaches and assistant coaches must have a current year FIFA, USSF, USYSA, US CLUB, AYSA, AYSO, ODP or affiliate member pass, depending upon the type of tournament sanctioned (restricted, unrestricted, etc.).

*  Team Roster - Teams must update the Gotsoccer roster prior to roster freeze the Sunday before the tournament. We will print out the rosters for check-in. If the team does not use Gotsoccer, please provide official rosters including jersey numbers. Any player participating in the tournament must be on the roster.

*  Laminated Player ID cards and Medical Release forms (notarized for out of state players). NOTE: Player pass picture must be a current and clear passport-style photo. The ASA Tournament Committee has suggested we reject any pass with a photo that will not allow referees to identify the player.

*  Out of state travel team paperwork (league travel authorization, team roster).

*  All loan player forms (signed by appropriate parties).  Guest players will require the same credentials as rostered players.

Roster sizes are as follows:

U7/U8 may register a maximum of 7 players and may be mixed between male and female.

U9 - U11 teams may register a maximum of (14) players.

U12 teams may register a maximum of  (18) players.

U13 and older may register a maximum of (22) players.

A team may add up to five (5) guest players, not to exceed above stated maximums.

Players may not play for more than one (1) team during the tournament. No player will be allowed to play in a younger age bracket.

Once team check-in is complete, the player passes will be bound for the duration of the tournament. If during the course of the tournament a team's player passes are found to be unbound, the team may be required to repeat the check-in process before the next match.

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